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Hello!  We're so glad you stopped by today!  We feel we have a great congregation for you to look at through this website.  Feel free to browse all the different pages to see who we are, what we believe & what we do together as a church family.  We're not the biggest or the perfect church, but we do have lots of real great families who love the Lord and each other.  We try to base everything we believe & do on God's Word & reach out to each other, our community & the world for the cause of Christ.

 A brief biography of our minister, Tim Snyder

Tim Snyder and his family, wife, Beth, and children, Kaytlyn, Alex, Baylee and Luke, have been serving with the South Main Street Church of Christ/Bethesda Christian Church since Easter (April 12) of 1998.  They came to Bethesda from Huntington WV, serving the Farmdale Church of Christ as Youth/Associate Minister for 12 years.  Tim grew up in Sebring, Ohio, graduating High School in 1980.  He graduated from Kentucky Christian College in 1984 and has also studied at Marshall University (Huntington, WV) and Johnson Bible College (Knoxville, TN).  Beth grew up in Scottdale, PA and graduated in 1986 from Alderson-Broaddus College.  She is currently employed as a Physician's Asssitant.  Baylee and Luke are students in the UL School District, Alex is a student at OU-E and Kaytlyn graduated from OU-E.

     Since being in Bethesda, Tim has served locally with the Cub Scout & Boy Scouts programs, the youth baseball program, B-B-M Rotary and served on Bethesda's Village Council for several years.  He feels it is important to be part of the community to get to know people and have a chance to minister to the community families, not as a preacher standing aloof at his building, but as one of the people.

     Tim has some strong views on the Church.  He sees that churches today appear to be weak due to many reasons.  Some of these might include: no real awareness of a relationship with the Lord, a lack of Bible study, a lack of personal involvement, a compromise with the world & worldly attitudes and a general hardening of people's hearts.

     As God's people will spend quality time with Him in prayer and in His Word, as they get serious about living out their faith and get involved in real ministry in their churches, God will be able to do a great work of faith in them and their lives, their families, their churches and their communities!

     We here at Bethesda Christian Church are certainly not perfect or the "ideal" church, but we are trying to restore the church to the pattern set forth in the New Testament.  Jesus said He would build His Church.  It's His and we have no right to change it,  whether the name or the faith and practice or doctrine or organization or mission.  We believe Jesus to be the Christ, God incarnate, the Bible to be God's inerrant Word.  We believe that Jesus is the only hope for the salvation of mankind and that Jesus will one day soon return for His Bride, the Church.


For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. --Jesus, in John 3:16