The teens at Bethesda Christian Church have many options to be part of.

1--We meet every Sunday morning for Sunday School at 9:30 (after a bagel/donut/juice/milk breakfast fellowship at 9am).  

2--We're involved with our church camp, Elkhorn Valley Christian Service Camp in Bergholz, OH.  Our young people have gone as campers, faculty & staff.  You can find more information on the camp  through their link on this website.   www.elkhornvalley.com

3--Our teens are always a GREAT help in our VBS each summer.  They help with classes, crafts, recreation, kitchen, puppets and whatever else might be needed. 

SO....if you want a place to belong & be active in your faith, you need to come check us out!

Some great websites for understanding teen issues include:
www.pluggedinonline.com    This is a ministry of "Focus on the Family" that analyzes current movies/music/TV

www.answersingenesis.org    www.apologeticspress.org    www.icr.org    all these are great young- earth Creation-science websites www.wallbuilders.com      www.achw.org    www.afa.net     all these are great sites that speak to America being a Christian nation, and how we are apparently running as fast as we can away from God & His Word at this point in time.